cyArea Light Map

Kevin Snyder
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cyArea Light Map is a lighting rig for Cycles 4d from Insydium. You can use a combination of Cycles 4D area lights and HDRI images within the same rig. 

The rig comes with ten basic HDRI lights to get you up and running.


• Change the color of HDRI lights.

• Quick instancing of HDRI lights without using Mograph.

• Auto matte option to create alpha channels for HDRI lights.

• Rotate lights around a point of interest.

• Enable target objects to position lights quickly.

• Bend HDRI lights to make lights wrap around your scene.

• Enable lights to only be visible in the diffuse or glossy channels.

• Hide light elements from the Viewport or final render.

• Compatible with Area Light Maps and HDRI Link from Greyscalegorilla.

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cyArea Light Map

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