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Kevin Snyder
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*Your AE project must be set to run expressions in Legacy ExtendScript if you are using AE 2019 or newer.

Update 1.6 - Much of the code has been rewritten to help speed up the preset when using multiple instances and to make it compatible with the latest version of After Effects (April 2018). The preset has also been universalized to run in any language version of After Effects.

Update 1.5 - Several new features for utilizing keyframes and wiggles. Each parameter now includes the ability to set the type of movement. The types include:

• Loop-Pro - Uses Frequency and Amplitude to automatically generate random looping motion.

• Auto CC and CCW (Rotation Only) - Automatically rotate your object without keyframes.  Set the loop time and how many rotations you want within the loop time.

• Continuous - Set keyframes for a given parameter and it will continue to move using the velocity of the last keyframe.

• Ping Pong - Loop back and forth through your keyframes.

• Repeat - Similar to Ping Pong, but the keyframes will repeat from the first keyframe to the last.

• Standard - Need keyframes without anything special?  Standard lets you do just that.

Do you want to create a GIF that loops perfectly? Loop-Pro was designed with looping wiggles and keyframes in mind to help you take the guesswork out of seamless loops. With the Loop-Pro preset, you don't need to set a single keyframe. Let the preset do the work for you. Easily loop the following parameters (each parameter has an on/off switch):

• Position (XY, X Only, Y Only)

• Scale (XY, X Only, Y Only)

• Rotation

• Opacity

You can control all the parameters with the master controls to keep the wiggles in sync or adjust them individually for maximum flexibility. The master/individual controls include:

•  Frequency

•  Amplitude

•  Posterize Time FPS (stop-motion look)

•  Loop Time (sec)

If you don't want to leave the motion of your elements to chance with the wiggle controls, easily loop your animation with keyframes for more predictable motion. Or combine both looped keyframes with random movements from Loop-Pro.

Even if you aren't making a looping video, Loop-Pro provides the user with a unified interface for creating great-looking wiggles that allow you to customize the effect without touching a single line of code.

3 ratings


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