RDT - Dynamic Grain

Kevin Snyder
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Update v1.3 - Compatible with AE April 2018 Version

Update v1.2 - Universalized the expressions to work with all language versions. Moved the contrast and brightness sliders to the top of the effects stack to fix isolated issues.  Cleaned up some code to make it as light as possible.

Update v1.1 - Add edge grain to your elements.  Great for creating a faux 3d look on strokes.

Add great looking grain to your After Effects projects with Dynamic Grain.  This product is meant to be used in conjunction with Ray Dynamic Texture.  If you don't own the script, you can find it here: http://aescripts.com/ray-dynamic-texture.

Dynamic Grain is a set of 9 non-destructive, resolution independent grain presets that can be dialed in to meet your project needs.  The grain textures can be applied as an effect preset or a texture layer (recommended for shape layers).  The 9 grain presets are:

• Dynamic Grain (Dark)

• Dynamic Grain (Light)

• Dynamic Fractal (Dark)

• Dynamic Fractal (Light)

• Dynamic Fractal + Noise (Dark)

• Dynamic Fractal + Noise (Light)

• Dynamic Twist Grain

• Dissolve Grain (Dark)

• Dissolve Grain (Light)

Don't limit yourself to these presets, easily modify the presets and make your own using these controls:

• Grain Type

• Grain Scale

• Grain Complexity

• Blend Mode

• Secondary Grain

• Colorize

• Soften Grain

• Animation Speed

• Contrast & Brightness

The actual palette is only 54kb, so your AE file will stay light.  The download also includes a tutorial to help you get the most out of your grain.

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RDT - Dynamic Grain

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