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Kevin Snyder
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Handy Renamer is the fastest way to name layers is Adobe After Effects for character animation.

I got tired of renaming layers in After Effects for my characters. I tried different scripts that I found online, but I couldn't find one that could perform the task quickly and not break existing expressions.

So, I created Handy Renamer. What makes Handy Renamer a great tool for character animation?

  • Presets to rename layers for the most common character components

  • Automatically select the next layer after naming the current layer (the default direction is down, but use the modifier key CTRL to move up)

  • If you use nulls with your layers, add a suffix to your layer name. SHIFT = _Start and ALT = _End

  • Add a custom prefix to your layer name by adding text to the input box

  • Updates existing expressions to reflect the new layer name.

  • Need to skip a layer? Buttons in the script allow you to quickly move up and down your layer stack.

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